What is Your Petite Body Type?

Petite women, like all other body frames, come in different sizes and shapes. Are you wondering what your petite body type is?

Image consultants use the term “shape” to describe the overall silhouette of your body, and it is primarily decided by your shoulder width relative to your hip width, and waistline plays a big role here too. In other words, it is how your upper, mid and lower half are in proportion to each other.  Like architecture, we are looking at your natural frame.  Your size may go up and down in your life, but your frame is constant.

There are many different theories about body types.  For example, some theory use letters such as type A, type H, type V, while others use shape or fruits such as apple vs pear vs hourglass, and etc.  By and large, they are all based on similar base features of our torso, and the difference is some theories may have divided one type into more sub-types. In our quiz, we categorize petite women into 5 body types.

Read the full article and take the quiz to find out your petite body type. Also Find out about Best Jeans for Petite Woman here.