Top 6 Wardrobe Staples for Stylish Petite Women

If you are under 5'4 and want to be a stylish petite girl, check your wardrobe and consider adding these 6 styles, if you do not own them already.  There is no fashion rule that applies to all, and what looks most flattering on you largely depends on your petite body type.  However, these 6 wardrobe staples have been highly recommended by petite fashion bloggers and stylists who know what works on petite frames.  One thing in common is they will create a long and lean silhouette (the number one priority of petite styling), thus creating the illusion of height and long legs.

1. Cropped jacket

As a petite girl, you probably would like to make your legs look longer. A cropped jacket can elongate your bottom half and instantly make you look taller.  If you want to double the elongating effect, wear underneath darker prints, as continues color patterns give the eye the illusion of longer lines.  A cropped jacket can also make your tummy look flatter, especially if you pair it with a black pants or skirts. Read more here.

2. High-waisted bottom

High-waisted style is the best friend of petite girls, because they visually extend your legs and make your figure look more proportionate by elongating your bottom half. A general advice for petite women is to go for dark color high waist-ed pants, as they will make your bottom half look slimmer.  In terms of fabrics, make sure you pick those with stretchy materials, as they will make your high wasted pants very comfortable without feeling restricted, especially if you have an office job and need to sit in chairs for many hours a day.  Read more here.

3. Nude or skin-toned heels

It goes without saying the most flattering shoes for stylish petite women is high heels.  They instantly give you the lift of several extra inches, and, most of all, give you that confidence boost!  The most famous high heel addict in movies or TV shows is probably Carrie Bradshow of Sex and the City, who happened to be played by petite movie star Sarah Jessica Parker.  All the die hard fans of Sex and the City will never forget the scene when Carrie wanted to meet Mr. Big's new lover, the long legged Natasha, and the first thing Carrie wanted to run to the shop to get is a pair of 6 inch heels so that she can stand the same height as 5'8 feet tall Natasha!  Obviously you do not need a reason like that to love heels.  Sarah Jessica Parker in real life is also known for great taste of heels and created her own shoe line recently.  Read more here.

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