Lillie Petite Maxi Skirt

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Looking for the perfect maxi skirts for short women?  Look no further than the Lillie petite maxi skirt.  Made of beautiful and light weighted rayon, it hugs your curves just the right amount.  Wear it with heels or sandals and make your legs look mile long!

How does it flatter petite women?

It is a myth that short women should only wear short skirts.  Wearing a long skirt (at least ankle length) creates an unbroken vertical line and is super flattering to petite women.

Length: 31 inches; Waist: 28.2 inches (Measurements from size S)

Fabric: shelf: 100% rayon/ lining: 100% rayon

Petite Blogger Review
Ava, NYC (photo credit: Instagram@ava_lately)

"So adorable! Love the palm tree print!"