About Us

Are you frustrated about finding clothes that fit you as a petite woman? You will find the solution for short girls on Petite Dressing.

My name is Chi Li, author of “The Petite Style Bible“. I’m 5’2” myself, and I certainly understand how hard it is for you to look for the right style as a shorter girl.

I had a MBA degree at NYU and had a finance career in an investment bank for many years, until I realized that was not fulfilling for my creative side. I have been writing about petites style since 2016, since then Petite Dressing has touched the lives of millions. I became an entrepreneur in 2020 to pursue my passion to be a positive influence to the world through fashion.

The Petite Style Bible Author

So, what makes Petite Dressing unique?

First, I want to share with you some effective styling strategies that have proven to flatter short women like us!

Equally important, I also want to help you understand your body shape, because that’s the foundation of everything else.

Fashion is the language you use to express yourself to the world. You can get anything in life if you dress for it!


The Store

For years, petite women's only choices are big corporate chains, and that is where we want to make a difference.

I work with independent American and European designers to bring you the most classy and high quality petite friendly fashion.  Some of these designers are designed exclusively for petite women!