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Loved the ruffled hem. Color is okay

I really thought that this has a hot fabric but I was wrong. Very very good quality and so comfy!

Quality is 10/10!! <3

It's giving me that crazy rich Asian vibes ❤️ Quality is soooo good!

Do you guys have it in another colors as well? I love this dress so much and I would love to grab more of these colors

This dress and a high heels, you're good to go!

love wearing this when I'm on a hurry, I don't need to think too much on what bottoms I should wear

Best dress I ever have so far! You'll end up soooo dainty

wish you have other colors as well, been using this for so many events already haha

So so so cute!! Looks so expensive as well

This would be nice if it was in a vibrant color

Delivery was fast! Love the neckline and how it cinches the waist. Do u guys have other colors?

love this top!! It's kinda flowy at the bottom

obsessed with baby blue colored tops lately, very very breathable!

cutest top I have from your shop, so so cute!

cutest top I have from your shop, so so cute!

simple yet you can style it to make it look semi formal

such a breezy top and so comfortable to wear

wish this was longer, quality is nice tho

not really into these skirts but it's the color!!! will try to style this

You can wear it with any cute casual top, then you're good to go!

The rounded hem below gives it an illusion of semi longer legs

Bought this for an evening date with my fiance. He likes it too!

Love how it flows at the bottom of it