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hoarding halter tops from now on hahaha love this one!

I have broad shoulders and I just realized that wearing halter tops like these flatters my body more

Bought it in the color (sand). Love it so much!!

Has a really really soft fabric, great for not so cold weathers

It has a thin quality, really recommended when you do layers

such a unique color! also flatters my skin

I love how you can adjust it on the neckline

I can wear it as a normal sweater (w/ just big necklines) and as an off shoulder whenever I want, nice quality by the way

color and the quality is 10/10

Bought this a few weeks ago cause I need basics, love the quality on this one!

I bought this in smaller size, it's too tight on my armpits hahaha I'll just buy a size up. Love the thickness, not too hot

Bought this and in Black too, quality is 10/10!!!

Basics like these should be in every woman's closet. So useful for any event or occasion

ordered a size too big on me, my bad. the quality is good!

I'm busty and this top really enhances it

has a very very nice quality, I love it

love wearing this on my office days, I can just throw a coat and some slacks and I'm good to go

Everyone should have basics like these. Very useful for layering

wore this with a cute skirt, very stylish!

Very flattering, love it!

A must have!

I got so many compliments since I got it. Very nice and flattering coat. The fur on the collar and on the wrists are very soft, and make all the difference with any other coat. It is a nice light khaki, easy to match with dark colors especially. I am very happy I bought it!

Loved the ruffled hem. Color is okay

I really thought that this has a hot fabric but I was wrong. Very very good quality and so comfy!

Quality is 10/10!! <3

It's giving me that crazy rich Asian vibes ❤️ Quality is soooo good!